Yes, absolutely.  Please alert us when you arrive so we know what type of massage to provide. We have to avoid certain pressure points on the feet when pregnant.

We recommend you wear pants that can be pulled up above the knee.  We suggest tank tops or very lose fitting short sleeve shirt   Men may remove their shirt.

Reduces stress, reduces muscle tension, improved circulation, relaxation, increase joint mobility/flexibility.

We offer an affordable massage as well as monthly memberships. Massage can help reduce stress and balance life.  Therefore, we suggest anywhere from once a week, once every two weeks or at least once a month.

Yes, all the time.  It’s a form of relaxation and a complement to our team.

Yes, absolutely.  This is a service industry and our team rely on your gratuity.

You can call us at 404-228-4183 or book online at www.utopiaatlanta.com.

No, our services are for your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, head, calves and feet.  We are an affordable option for relaxation, that gives you almost the full body experience in our soothing spa.

We have an Ionization Filtration installed.  We also require mask, hand sanitation and temp checks.  We do routine cleaning during the day, with a deeper clean at the end of the day. Currently there is no more than 4 clients in our SPA at a time, so you will get your own private space.  (Subject to change in the future.)

We offer a 15 Minute Scalp Massage and/or a 20 Minute Rosemary Peppermint Exfoliating Salt Scrub with a Lavender Mask.

Yes, we provide gift cards in store or you can purchase online?

Yes.  After stimulating muscles not normally used or in knots, many toxins are released.  You may experience muscle soreness.  We always recommend drinking plenty of water.  Other solutions are soak in Epson salt or use heat.

It is an experience when you visit our Spa.  We thrive on our customer service, affordable prices, excellent service, cleanliness while providing a haven for relaxation in a beautiful, calming environment. Our services include your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, head, calves and feet.   We recommend you check us out, and see for yourself.