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Foot & shoulder
Foot & shoulder

Motherhood Unstressed: The Healing Power of Human Touch…

August 13, 2020


The ever so beautiful Liz Carlile from Motherhood Unstressed visited Utopia.  We immediately connected as Virgo’s and realized we could talk for days.  Liz is a Certified Health Coach, Social Media Influencer uplifting and empowering others, Ted Talker and Top 50 Podcaster.

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Beautiful Words from my new friend, Liz…

The healing power of human touch is incredibly important for one’s mental health, especially during an imposed time of isolation. I didn’t realize how much I needed a professional’s dedicated touch on my shoulders, hands and feet until I experienced it firsthand at Utopia today.  The mental stress of motherhood, politics, COVID, and life began to dissolve the moment I stepped in and was met with the scent of lavender and the sound of calming music softly playing in the background. And their adherence to the highest safety precautions made me feel safe and worry-free.

When I asked the owner Julie why she started her business, she said it was because it is her passion to help others to heals and carve out an hour of undivided attention for themselves alone. Her business is not a chain, a real woman (and a mother of two) owns this spa and has put so much of her heart into making it a success, even during a pandemic.

Of course the massage was amazing, I highly recommend asking for Daniel, but it was also the energy in the space – the sound of a bubbling creek in the background and the blissful music offered me a chance to escape reality and go into aa completely different headspace.  I don’t need to tell you that I felt transformed afterwards, like I had slept for a week.

If you’ve been powering through COVID and life, and need an escape, make an appointment today, and know that you will be taking care of not only your aching feet, but also your tired mind and spirit.  Also be sure to pick up some @motherhoodunstressed_cbd while you’re there!